I think I just felt bad on behalf of my mediocre second-hand sofa.

The quilting is coming along, albeit slowly. I cut the pieces in several batches (months ago), and lost the template for some pieces in between, meaning that the piecing is…finicky at best. This is probably not helped by the fact that I haven’t so much as touched a sewing machine in years.

School just started, so I’m trying to come to terms with the useless bureaucratic assignment of the quarter. I think this one’s going to be rewriting all my notes in a “journal”, along with 150 words of reflection for each class session, and 5 related images. Because heaven forbid I not need my notes organised in such a specific manner in order to learn. School pisses me off for many, many reasons.

To comfort myself (literally), I bought a new couch. It’s still second-hand, but much prettier than the old couch, which was saggy and an odd green, dingy yet bright at the same time. Atop it is what will hopefully be a sample, for a design I might actually share someday. There is no photo of the entire couch, because there’s an unconscionable amount of stuff on the back and arms of it, generally of the well-it-doesn’t-really-have-anywhere-to-go-so-I’ll-just-set-it-here variety, which could be fixed by a larger coffee table and more storage space, but I don’t have room. So my couch (which is really more of a loveseat due to the aforementioned lack of room) will continue to have rumpled blankets, schoolwork, a tape measure, books, and lots of knitting on it, and I will continue to pretend that it’s in the setting it deserves.

knitting on the new and improved (purple) couch

knitting on the new and improved (purple) couch


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