Lately I have been: 

  • dealing with a lot of personal crap
  • fussing about the fact that the US postal service lost my effing debit card and I have to wait another week for the replacement to arrive (for those of you keeping track, it’s been over 3 weeks now)
  • whining because without a debit card, I’m unable to take advantage of Webs’ anniversary sale
  • orchestrating plans for the summer–Arkansas! Alabama! Vermont! Oregon! Home! China! Home! while coordinating 3 different schedules
  • knitting completely unseasonable accessories, such as a pair of cabled bedsocks
  • I knit Global Warming in 4 days. 
  • I’m obsessed with Fallen London, a deliciously creepy feat of interactive fiction. 
  • I am (still) quilting Birdcage on a Chain, on and off and between other things. 
  • I not-so-accidentally got my girlfriend into quilting, and between us we have at least 5 different piles of fabric awaiting to be turned into quilts, with not enough time to do so. 
  • I enjoyed this essay on the Watsonian voice, it complements my recent trend of watching/reading ALL the Sherlock retellings. 

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