shower curtain to tab-back curtains

I fell in love with shower curtains. I’m trying very hard to move into the flat across the hall, but there’s electrical work that just can’t seem to get done, so I’m stuck doing things like falling madly in love with shower curtains, and turning them into something presentable for the new place. 

Step 1: Buy yourself some cloth shower curtains to cover your windows. Like so. 


Step 2: Examine the back of your curtain. There will likely be a wide band at the top, with evenly spaced slits for hanging. (If not, mark a band 3-4″ wide, and mark “slits” approximately 6″ apart.) Use the following formula to determine how much ribbon you will need to make tabs for one curtain. 

Magic formula of pixies and fairy dust: number of slits per curtain x (the width of the top band+2)





Step 3: Purchase 3/4″ ribbon of the length you need (plus 10% to be safe) in a similar fiber as your curtain. This ribbon will be the tabs, so be careful to use a matching ribbon if you don’t want it to show on the public side. 




Step 4: Cut the ribbon into pieces 2 inches longer than the top band. Cut the ribbon on the bias to prevent it from fraying. 



Step 5: Finger press the edges of a ribbon strip down, lining up the ribbon over the pre-existing slits. 



Step 6: Flip the ribbon over, and (using a matching thread in at least the bobbin) stitch both ends to your curtain with the world’s tiniest seam allowance, the top band will likely have a seam you can use as a guide. Repeat until you have tabs along the top of your curtain, spaced approximately 6″ apart. 



Step 7: Trim the stray threads off your curtains. Hang your curtains and admire them! 




The slits are slightly visible, if you wanted to cover them up you could stitch a ribbon along the top. 



The bottom of these curtains is what I fell in love with. Seriously, none of the proper curtains were this pretty, and shower curtains will fit my new windows better. 




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