Frosted Glass



I can feel winter coming. Already, I’m wearing my typical Western Washington winter outfit of galoshes and wool, and there have been a few nights just shy of leaving frost on the ground and windows. In anticipation of cooler weather, knit your very own lacy frosted windowpanes in scarf or wrap form. “Frosted Glass” can be purchased here, or here on Ravelry.

IMG_1483 IMG_1481 IMG_1480 IMG_1477


Total flop



This was going to be Francis Revisited, but my gauge didn’t work out at all, I don’t have the needles I need, and even after recalculating the raglan increases it still would have barely fit a poodle. Since I wanted a simple, cozy sweater, I have revisited my plans and am knitting Kittiwake instead. 

Sort of flop: 



These are Chevalier Mittens. The left mitt is noticeably larger than the right, as I knit one on dpns and the other using magic loop. Both fit my hands well enough, and I love them to bits even though I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. 

Not flop at all

Last week I unexpectedly moved to a much larger flat, complete with a gas stove & oven (prior flat had 2 electric burners and a toaster oven)! The move went smoothly, and I baked bread for the first time in over three years. Image

It was delicious.