Total flop



This was going to be Francis Revisited, but my gauge didn’t work out at all, I don’t have the needles I need, and even after recalculating the raglan increases it still would have barely fit a poodle. Since I wanted a simple, cozy sweater, I have revisited my plans and am knitting Kittiwake instead. 

Sort of flop: 



These are Chevalier Mittens. The left mitt is noticeably larger than the right, as I knit one on dpns and the other using magic loop. Both fit my hands well enough, and I love them to bits even though I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. 

Not flop at all

Last week I unexpectedly moved to a much larger flat, complete with a gas stove & oven (prior flat had 2 electric burners and a toaster oven)! The move went smoothly, and I baked bread for the first time in over three years. Image

It was delicious. 


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