give me the hope to run out of steam

NBC’s Community was recently announced to be premiering January 5th, 2014. This has (of course) prompted me to rewatch the first 4 seasons of the show, and I have spent the last two weeks fangirling nonstop.

When I walked into a charity shop earlier today (for half off!), I simply had to have this Abed-like cardigan.

Cardie worn on the show:



And here’s the sweater I found:



I’m thrilled to be able to dress up as Abed, but I also wanted to take a moment to gush about my store-bought sweater. It seems like hand-knitters have a bit of reluctance or shame about enjoying store-bought sweaters. So here’s mine. I never would have knit this sweater for myself, but I’m glad to have it.



The only thing I have to say about the shutdown is that I hope it goes as well as it did in The West Wing (season 5, episode 8).

However, I’m having a lot of shutdown feels and need to distract myself, so allow me to ramble about various things for a while.

1. I finished one sleeve for Kittiwake, and the second is coming along. In addition, I’m knitting up a pattern sample that feels like it’s been going on forever (hasn’t though, and I promise the actual knitting is not tedious at all, I’m just twitchy and have been working on it for a long. ass. time.). Because of this, I knit up a quick Mini Mochi Fair Isle hat modified for worsted weight yarn.


The poorly-lit webcam picture exists to satisfy the masses positively peeing their pants for a peek at the hat + my new flat, and totally not because I’m an airhead who spent the last few hours of daylight distracted by World of Warcraft.

2. I am officially declaring my intent to grow out my hair (again). I’ve been on the long/short rollercoaster quite a few times, and have come to the conclusion that long hair just feels more like me. I’m not used to much of anything feeling or not feeling like “me”, but since it’s only hair, I will pamper the feelings. Flowing locks, here I come! 

3. I had underestimated how exhausting the 15 minute walk (one-way) to the laundromat would be (even though laundromat time is delightful knitting time), and am investigating purchasing a breathing hand washer from Lehman’s. More research/talk/reviews forthcoming.

4. I have been seized with an urgent need to make every single Pioneer Woman recipe, right now. Please send assistance.

5. Fallen London is still a bit of an obsession. I am now “A Person of Some Importance”, it is very exciting to have it finally acknowledged.