mistakes were made

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the lovely blazer whose sleeves I was lengthening. Well let me tell you, nothing but DISAPPOINTMENT and LIES.

I ripped out the hem and lining of one sleeve. While I was turning the piece around to reach the other sleeve, I noticed that the lining was only tacked down in a few places at the bottom. “I can just pull the sleeve inside out! That will make this whole thing so much easier,” I thought, and congratulated myself on my brilliance.

Behind the cut is a photo of what greeted me in the lining of the jacket. It is behind a cut because it is full of what Google has led me to believe are spider eggs, and I don’t want that to ruin anybody’s day. (Too late, say the spider eggs. We already ruined yours! Mwahahahaha!)

I could not seem to focus on the actual eggs (though admittedly I didn’t try very hard). But hopefully this is enough for you to sympathize with how utterly betrayed I felt. It will be going on a trip to the dry cleaner’s shortly, after which I will reevaluate its place in my home.







Last weekend I visited the same charity shop where I acquired the blazer, and bought a pair of dress pants. Not to be outdone by the previous week’s contribution, this pair of pants had one hem held together by, I kid you not, staples and electrical tape. Upon pointing this out I was given a 30% discount, but my mending basket is disconcertingly full again. Everything I’ve knit recently seems to demand buttons, pom-poms, or an outrageous number of ends woven in. Give a girl a break!


3 thoughts on “mistakes were made

  1. Man, major bummer about that! Staples and electrical tape I can handle…spider eggs would creep me out. Trouble is, I don’t know what they look like, but now I’m gonna be looking at everything I buy at thrift stores (and I do a lot at thrift stores!), wondering if spiders are going to crawl out. :lol:

    • The spider eggs creeped me out too, but I’ve been looking for a nice blazer for long enough that I’m willing to wash it first, and then pass judgement. If it comes back from the dry cleaner’s looking the same, it’s going straight to the dumpster. Even if it ends up not being spider eggs, anything that doesn’t come out in the wash makes me just a bit too suspicious to ever wear the garment again.

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