you spin me round



It’s a drop spindle!



It’s the incredibly inexperienced product of that drop spindle (so far). I shall let you know what happens when I attempt to ply it tomorrow. I’m hoping for a heavy worsted-ish 2-ply, but I have no freaking clue what’s going to happen, and that’s part of the fun!


5 thoughts on “you spin me round

  1. yep, that is SO part of the spinning pleasure … and the spinning pain as things sometimes turn out to be so totally different than expected.
    Good luck with the plying! :-)

  2. Oooh am I so glad you showed a picture. I was wanting to buy a Turkish drop spindle from Knit Picks and was curious about how they packaged it and did it come with instructions. Your picture answered that.

    • Just so you know, the slip of paper included was assembly instructions. There was a link to knitpick’s spinning tutorials, but the link is broken (I suspect since their recent-ish site redesign). I found this tutorial from WEBS to be the most helpful, and used it in combination with this tutorial from knitpicks.

      • Also there is a video called chain plying on a Turkish spindle on YouTube. Teaches you how to start without the extra yarn as a leader but, rather how to make your own. Wanna give that a try.

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