I have proof that I have not abandoned knitting entirely. See?

IMG_1737 IMG_1736

Now, these photos are a tad misleading, since they don’t show the ends that need to be woven in (despite the socks being completed over two weeks ago). But I’m currently choosing to ignore pesky things like ends in favour of (finally!) working on the knitted-on edging for my Quill.


Ends can be woven in tomorrow, which I have off. I’ve got shit to do!

P.S. For those of you who can’t go through life without a little something to gossip about, you should know that I always weave in ends at the cuffs of things, but toes/armpits/interior ends only get woven in if the yarn is superwash. Saves me buckets of time and sanity, and gives me something to confess when I’m feeling guilty, because truth be told I’m a very boring knitter.


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