Handspun Obsession

Let’s just get right to it: I’ve been knitting nothing but stockinette in handspun lately. I will likely move on to garter stitch or reverse stockinette eventually, but for now I just want plain socks. I’ve interspersed some recent completed hand-knits among the pictures of handspun and plain plain plain, just as a palette cleanser.


Some beautiful targhee from Abstract Fiber in Gaston is becoming toe-up socks with a fleegle heel.

IMG_1798 IMG_1799

I was a bad sock-parent and put off darning these funfetti socks until it was desperate. Maybe I need to share custody with someone more responsible…


Frabjous Fiber’s polwarth in Toucan became an entrelac cowl that has yet to be sewn up.



I finally had the chance to give my mother the above two items (birthday blanket in Imperial Yarn’s Tracie Too, black cherry colourway, pattern is Pine Forest) and mother’s day socks (Knitting Fever’s Painted Desert in blues, pattern is Winding Way).

IMG_1789 IMG_1805

Then I spun up this beauty. Abstract Fiber BFL, colour is Burnside Bridge, aran weight chain ply.

IMG_1774 IMG_1776

And I finished this monster a little ways back. Quill by Brooklyn Tweed, knit in discontinued colours of chroma fingering by Knitpicks.

And now you’re all caught up to the present-day, where I’m teaching my mother to knit, and hosting my first dinner party!


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