with great resolve

I love new year’s resolutions. What I love even more is setting myself up to succeed at them. For me, this means telling people about them, making resolutions that are (mostly) about process rather than product, and having ramping resolutions that help me build habits and stamina.

1. Spin more! My first try was quite encouraging so this shouldn’t be too hard.



2. Sew any/more. This also shouldn’t be too difficult, and I will talk more about my recent acquisition soon.








3. Be in the habit of sketching (even a tiny bit!) 5-or-so days per week by the end of 2014.

4. Publish more patterns in 2014 than I did in 2013, paying particular attention to streamlining my process.

5. Use my lovely 1992 Tolkien diary/day planner regularly, because this will allow me to do ALL THE THINGS without getting overwhelmed.