baby’s first handspun



It is immensely satisfying to go from the first picture to the last picture. Right now knitting is not being very satisfying, because I’m too busy to spend a good chunk of time on it. Everything is inching along, giving me the illusion that nothing is happening. Perhaps a couple weeks from now I’ll suddenly have knit the attached lace border for a shawl, or have some very late Mother’s Day socks, but somehow I can’t get myself to believe it, especially since my other projects (hand-quilting a bag for my spinning wheel so I can take it to guild meetings (more on that later), re-upholstering 3 chairs and a bench, unpacking a staggering number of books, adding variety to my diet) all seem to be coming along just as slowly.

I thought spring was about fresh starts and relentless growth, what the hell happened?


I have proof that I have not abandoned knitting entirely. See?

IMG_1737 IMG_1736

Now, these photos are a tad misleading, since they don’t show the ends that need to be woven in (despite the socks being completed over two weeks ago). But I’m currently choosing to ignore pesky things like ends in favour of (finally!) working on the knitted-on edging for my Quill.


Ends can be woven in tomorrow, which I have off. I’ve got shit to do!

P.S. For those of you who can’t go through life without a little something to gossip about, you should know that I always weave in ends at the cuffs of things, but toes/armpits/interior ends only get woven in if the yarn is superwash. Saves me buckets of time and sanity, and gives me something to confess when I’m feeling guilty, because truth be told I’m a very boring knitter.



I have been absent but busy. So busy that this design has needed edits for four months. But no more! I’ve given it a good look-over, and it’s ready to take the edge off a cool day or a last-minute gift scramble with its cosiness.

Waver may be purchased here, or here on Ravelry.


you spin me round



It’s a drop spindle!



It’s the incredibly inexperienced product of that drop spindle (so far). I shall let you know what happens when I attempt to ply it tomorrow. I’m hoping for a heavy worsted-ish 2-ply, but I have no freaking clue what’s going to happen, and that’s part of the fun!


I wore my Storm Walkers on the way home for Thanksgiving, which ended up taking 30 hours. I paced a lot during my overnight at the airport, since the calm of knitting seemed beyond me. Apparently I paced a bit too much, because I ended up with a sizable hole in one of the toes. Tonight is for mending that.

Rcentely at a charity shop, I bought a blazer (of course, who can resist?) with too-short-sleeves (of course). Tonight I’m going to try and do something about that, as well.




P.S. I’m so tired of having shaggy growing-out hair. Can’t wait until it’s long enough to braid, or even just put behind my shoulders.


I spent thanksgiving with family, for the first time that I can remember. (I’m sure I did as a young child, but moving to China at age 5 does weird things to family holidays.) It was incredibly pleasant and heartwarming and stomach-filling and all those good things. Sometime during the week I spent in Arkansas surrounded by dogs and family and absolutely nothing from my daily life, it became clear what I should be pursuing in the near-ish future. I may be coordinating a cross-country move in the next few months, a thought that is incredibly exciting and daunting.

In the meantime I’m enjoying sitting down with a cuppa and some knitting in my quiet apartment, feeling rested and settled for the first time since getting home on Monday.


Introducing Deadly





Deadly is a reversible cowl or scarf worked in fingering weight yarn. Its sinister-but-sweet vine design will keep your neck cosy and your enemies scared (so long as your enemies are chilly winds). It can be purchased here, or here on Ravelry.

The only thing I have to say about the shutdown is that I hope it goes as well as it did in The West Wing (season 5, episode 8).

However, I’m having a lot of shutdown feels and need to distract myself, so allow me to ramble about various things for a while.

1. I finished one sleeve for Kittiwake, and the second is coming along. In addition, I’m knitting up a pattern sample that feels like it’s been going on forever (hasn’t though, and I promise the actual knitting is not tedious at all, I’m just twitchy and have been working on it for a long. ass. time.). Because of this, I knit up a quick Mini Mochi Fair Isle hat modified for worsted weight yarn.


The poorly-lit webcam picture exists to satisfy the masses positively peeing their pants for a peek at the hat + my new flat, and totally not because I’m an airhead who spent the last few hours of daylight distracted by World of Warcraft.

2. I am officially declaring my intent to grow out my hair (again). I’ve been on the long/short rollercoaster quite a few times, and have come to the conclusion that long hair just feels more like me. I’m not used to much of anything feeling or not feeling like “me”, but since it’s only hair, I will pamper the feelings. Flowing locks, here I come! 

3. I had underestimated how exhausting the 15 minute walk (one-way) to the laundromat would be (even though laundromat time is delightful knitting time), and am investigating purchasing a breathing hand washer from Lehman’s. More research/talk/reviews forthcoming.

4. I have been seized with an urgent need to make every single Pioneer Woman recipe, right now. Please send assistance.

5. Fallen London is still a bit of an obsession. I am now “A Person of Some Importance”, it is very exciting to have it finally acknowledged.

Frosted Glass



I can feel winter coming. Already, I’m wearing my typical Western Washington winter outfit of galoshes and wool, and there have been a few nights just shy of leaving frost on the ground and windows. In anticipation of cooler weather, knit your very own lacy frosted windowpanes in scarf or wrap form. “Frosted Glass” can be purchased here, or here on Ravelry.

IMG_1483 IMG_1481 IMG_1480 IMG_1477

Cousin Hats

The day before I left to visit my family in Arkansas, I started a silly little neon striped hat, just to soothe my nerves. Upon arrival, it was made clear to me that I needed to make a complementary hat for my cousin. I absolutely adore how they both turned out, simple and soft and bright enough to cheer up a winter outfit.


Pattern is A Cap for Nessa’s Mother, yarn is two discontinued colourways of Knitpicks Chroma worsted striped against each other.

Now I just need to mail the hat on the left to Arkansas before winter.

Does anyone else do matching/set knits?